Experience and Quality Assurance

  •  MESVision® has been providing exceptional vision care services to millions of individuals and thousands of employer groups since 1976

  •  MESVision®  is regulated by Departments of Insurance throughout the country and the Department of Managed Health Care in California, and partners with A Rated insurance companies to provide quality vision care services nationwide


MESVision® Provider Network

  • MESVision®  credentials all network Providers utilizing the standards of The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

  • MESVision® network providers performing eye exams furnish one of the most comprehensive eye exams available. A complete general evaluation of the visual system is made which includes an initial dilation examination. To ensure continuity of care, the Provider will deliver medical care as indicated through the patient’s medical plan, if part of the patient’s medical plan network. The Provider will refer patients to their primary care physician for continuing treatment plans, if they are not part of the patient’s medical plan network.

  • MESVision®  has one of the largest networks of Participating Providers nationwide comprised of the Five Os”: independent Ophthalmologists, independent Optometrists, independent Opticians, popular Optical chain locations, and access On Line to MESVisionOptics.com where members can apply benefits at checkout.

  • MESVision® does not own or control optical laboratories for financial gain.  By not requiring network Providers to use a plan optical lab, the Provider who is the expert regarding a particular patient, selects the optimum quality eyewear material that best suits the visual needs of the individual patient.


MESVision® Customer Service

  • MESVision® provides an interactive website, www.MESVision.com, which allows plan participants access to specific plan information, eligibility of available eye care services, provider search capabilities and extensive education materials

  • MESVision® offers website access at www.MESVision.com, for the Benefit Administrator to maintain eligibility information on line in real time and to view current and archived billing statements

  • MESVision® enjoys an overall rating of 96% good to excellent by surveyed plan participants: 98% rate their experience with their examining provider as good to excellent and 94% of plan participants rate the quality of their eyewear as good to excellent